Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fire Protection for Chemicals (or How I Put a Library in this Book)

So I got an E-reader. It's called a Kobo; you might not have heard of it. But it's very similar to a Kindle or Nook, but I liked the design better and it supports more file formats--the reasons aren't important. See, the problem with the Kobo is there's not a lot of accessories for it (one of my friends has said that the name reminds him of hobo, possibly a misstep for the sales department). But I definitely needed a case for it, the last thing I wanted was to take it out of my bag and see a big crack in the screen. So in the wake of a case I liked, I decided to make my own. 
I went my local second-hand book store and picked up this little treasure: Fire Protection for Chemicals; mainly shopping for the size of the book. Turns out it was owned by a fire captain (he has his information written on the inside cover). It makes sense he would own it-there's a very small market for a book that is basically a love story between fire and chemicals, where everyone gets burned and one eventually kills the other. Should have made it vampires.
In any event, I got this book for 50 cents, made sure my Kobo would fit inside, and went to work.
 I cut out the the pages and binding, and was ready to roll.
After some planning and measurements, my dad and I routed out a hole in a spare piece of plywood. 

I then cut the piece out, and did some final routing to make it the right size, and sanded it.
After making sure it fit, I put a finish on it and sanded it some more.
Then I bought a piece of felt and glued it to the bottom and sides-the Kobo fits nice and snug, it looks great, and it's a bit of extra protection. 
I then glued the plywood into the cover and clamped it in to make sure it would stay. In hindsight I might not have needed so many clamps.
I also cut four small holes for magnets on the corners-they make sure that it closes tight and stays shut, even when dropped or held upside-down.

I'm really happy with how it turned out! Very cheap project but a bit time consuming, and I wouldn't have been able to do half of it without my dad's help and his tools. Looks just like a book, the plywood even makes it look like it has pages! Next time I'll do one like in Shawshank Redemption...

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