Monday, April 2, 2012

Lyonnaise Style

Lyon! We only had a day in this city, but it was still a great time. Walking around, we saw some beautiful churches (of course), had an authentic Lyonnaise meal, and even wandered around some old Roman ruins! As usual, there are plenty more photos after the break!

Well I guess we'll have to go up there..

The Rhône. Absolutely magnificent day too.

This church was rebuilt a few times, the newest version being what you see (obviously).

What you don't see is what used to be on top of these pillars and that arch. I asked our tour guide why they tore down all these old structures, why not just keep the old one? She asked me if I've lived in the same house all my life. Touché.

Hey hey hey, doesn't this look similar? Classic gothic style cathedral, yup! However, most cathedrals don't have a 20-foot tall animated clock inside. We'll get to that later though.

People live here, but our tour guide just took us inside the gate like it was no problem. There were all these little alcoves surrounded by apartments. She would literally just push on doors on the street until she found one that was open, and then there'd be this. More than once people poked their heads out the windows and told us to shut the hell up. She kind of just looked at them and then kept talking, although slightly softer. She's the one in all red on the left, by the way. 100% french.

I'm really going to miss all these little tiny streets. What I won't miss, however, is there being absolutely nowhere to go when a car (or a truck) comes rumbling through.

Inside the cathedral.

These things are seriously everywhere, it's unbelievable.

Hey, what time is it?

Ok, so here's the deal. This clock is way more complicated than it looks. The side facing you tells you not the time, but the date, the month, and where the moon and sun are. The other side tells you the minutes, and the seconds too.

But then I think this side also tells you the hours. So you kind of have to walk around to see what time it is, or you could just get the date and move on with your life I suppose. 

Quenelle, which basically tastes like a fishy, loaf of eggs covered with cheese. Except good. I don't have the culinary skill to explain it any better, sorry.

This little baby takes you up the mountain to see the cathedral up there, and also the roman ruins. There was a line, and we were American, so what'd we do?

We waited in god damned American tourist style. Look at that man staring us down, like we're disturbing the peace or something. We were wrecking the peace, get it right.

Giant wheels that pull the tram up the mountain side.


..Seriously? Who builds this on a mountain?

Unfortunately for us the inside was in full-on renovation mode, so we couldn't see the ceiling. Still awe-inspiring though.

Mosaic, because paint is too easy.

Oh yeah, the whole floor was mosaic too.

This is underneath the main chapel, and is used for prayer (I believe).

This picture is taken in a smaller chapel off to the side, about a half second before I saw the "no photos please" sign.

And, Lyon. 

Roman amphitheater. Not to be confused with a Roman style amphitheater.

On the stage, with these ridiculously old columns.

We spent a good 10-20 minutes just sitting and trying to imagine what the stage would have looked like with all of the columns still there and everything. 

Ooooh, tunnel.

So apparently these would have been walls for shops, vendors, houses etc. No one is quite sure what went where, but you get the idea.

The best part is that you could walk all through it, on top of it, under it, whatever. Nothing was roped off, I suppose because they figure if it's lasted this long, then what the hell.

A second amphitheater off to the left, because clearly one isn't enough.

Walking down, back to the bus.

Across the river again..

And back on the bus! 

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